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Upcoming Events

Spring and Summer 2018

Workshops in Germany

Freiburg: April 20. - 22

Ulm: April 27 - 28

Bad Boll: May 4 - 6

Ravensburg: Mai 12 - 13

And a special International Sensory Awareness Weekend
on the Fraueninsel, Chiemsee (east of Munich)
August 10 - 12. With Ute Strub, Ioana Cisek, Gloria Lerin, Enric Bruguera, and Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt

For more, to to the workshops page.

Ausführliche Informationen in Deutsch finden sie hier. (kommt bald)



Sensory Awareness and Mindfulness

This video was created for the Sensory Awareness Foundation.

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Every movement brings us in touch with gravity, this force that reminds us of another great presence, that of the earth. We might call gravity earth's invitation to arrive, to be part of a living world in which every gesture has a potential to connect us.

In our culture gravity is often seen as a force against which we have to fight all life long. I sometimes wonder if this view is a result of our disturbed relationship with the earth. How could the very force that enables life to take form be something we have to fight? And yet we find ourselves often living just like that. We do not respond to the call of gravity with respect, that is with presence, but drag ourselves around - hang in there, as the saying goes.

This is when we need to remember the gifts of Sensory Awareness the most. In a way it does not take much. It is all there already, we just have to remember, we just have to open to what is already at our finger (and toe!) tips. There is a world that is present, the earth tugging on our limbs, shoulders - everywhere. Can we respond?

What sounds so simple is often not easy. Habits weigh heavily and all kinds of perceived demands seem to keep us from what we yearn for so much. This is why I love to offer this work. It gives us space in which we can reconnect in playful and deep ways with all that is already there. We step out of our ordinary lives and come together, to practice, to remember, to regain strength.

Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt


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reclaiming vitality and presence
The Teachings of Charlotte Selver and Charles V.W. Brooks
Foreword by Norman Fischer
Edited by Richard Lowe and Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt
North Atlantic Books, $19.95

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